Dezstudio Concept

A trendy and innovative space, in a modern and cosmopolitan environment!

Genderless, Animal Friendly. Our products are Vegan & Cruelty Free

With two stores, one in Principe Real and another in Avenidas Novas,
and 14 years of experience taking care of people from all over the world,

we are different from traditional hairdressers and aesthetics spaces!

With a unique and relaxed atmosphere, we have a genuine concern for our customers in all the services of nails, eyelashes, hair and dermocosmetics that we offer.


Our Team  

Sandra Luz

Founder & CEO

A nossa capitã. Se já nos visitou, sabe que ninguém a para. É fogo! Sagitariana,
Sonhadora, teimosa , persistente, protestante, dedicada, fiel e perfeccionista.

Sandra cidade

Hair Stylist

“quando queres muito, tens de fazer acontecer” é o lema de vida da Sandra, de signo carneiro. Já diz o ditado que os signos fogo são teimosos. Apaixonada pelo trabalho é uma das nossas hairstylist


Beauty & Cosmetology

A nossa “mãozinhas de fada” e é do signo escorpião. Perfeccionista por natureza, não trocaria a profissão por nada mesmo nos dias em que está de mau feitio!

Sandra Luz

Founder & CEO

Our captain. If you've already visited us, you know that no one stops her. It's fire! Sagittarius,
Dreamy, stubborn, persistent, protestant, dedicated, faithful and perfectionist.

Ângela "Angie"

Nail Artist

The smiling, responsible and friendly face. Always attentive to others. The Queen of Tupperware! Everything about being organized, and joining the party? She's a cleaning maniac. It's impossible not to like Angela

Carla Brandão

Beauty & Cosmetology

Our "fairy little hands" and is the sign Scorpio. A perfectionist by nature, he wouldn't trade his profession for anything even on days when he's in a bad mood!

Sandra Cidade

Hair Stylist

“when you want a lot, you have to make it happen” is Sandra's life motto, from the sign of the sheep. The saying goes that fire signs are stubborn. Passionate about work, she is one of our hairstylists


Junior Nail artist

It's impossible not to notice Nirali's eyes. It is the youngest member of the tribe. Nirali is a geminy, so it's no wonder she loves to talk. Since she was a little girl, nails have been her passion

Joana "Cherry"

Hair Stylist

The tiktok you see every day is our Cherry. For her, being a hairstylist is the art of creating with her own hands. Creating bold looks, irreverent colors and cuts are passion. It could only be a virgin sign, right?

Suhenia "Suh"

Lash Artist

The attention to detail gives her the nickname Queen of Eyelashes. With a smile from ear to ear, destroys any prejudice we have about eyelashes, were it not for Capricorn. Determined, Suh fills a house.